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Up To Ten Cooking Games

up to ten cooking games

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025 - Struggle between the banqueting Bubble-lords and looming poverty

025 - Struggle between the banqueting Bubble-lords and looming poverty

Stryd Tuszen De Smullende Bubbel-Heeren, En De Aanstaande Armoede Struggle between the feasting Bubble--Lords and Looming Poverty

The Bubble-Lords and their movable feast pull up short before the ranks of their opposite and their future.

Details below:

Two opposing companies are about to do battle. Emblematic of the "Bubble Lords" is a well-fed gentleman riding a wheeled tun of wine ("Bacchus's throne of honor"). A triumphal wagon is a standard in 17th-century emblem prints, denoting false worldly triumphs. The barrel is labelled "Actie Soopjes te Koop" (Sips of stock for sale). His crown is a vetpot (pot for cooking rich meats - A Dutch expression, "'t is geen vetpot" means "it's not worth much") and his earflaps and collar consist of waffles. On the collar is "Al tyd Ventam" (Always Wind), so the waffles are stock shares (see below). On his belt are a wild fowl and a hare, the latter saying "Dit is onze vangst" (This is our catch). For a lance he has a rotisserie holding a pig's hindquarters, a chicken and a tankard. He toasts with another goblet, on which is written "Dit hebben wy daar van" (This is what we think of it!), referring to the opposing crowd of the poor.
The Bubble-Lord's wagon is pulled by children, symbolizing (with the caught hare) the suckers who made the Bubble-Lords rich. With the children is a fool (with fools-cap), who hopes to profit, but will be swindled as well.
Also pulling the barrel is a butcher, festooned with sausages and brandishing the jawbone of an ass.

To the Bubble-Lord's right is a young woman (described as a "Venusdiertje," Venus- animal or prostitute). She is brandishing a waffel-iron on which is written "Waffel-yzer voor de nieuwe gebake Acties" (Waffle iron for new-baked Shares). She wears waffles labeled "Assuranties" (Insurance) and "Verpanding" (Hocking, as in a pawnshop).

Behind Waffle-Girl is Kniertje, a fishwife. Kniertje is a "type," a pious and patient fishwife whose whole family were taken by the sea, so this image is a parody. "Kniertje" is vomiting and holding a basket of what look like clams. On her apron is "Al die Actie drank maakt my kwalyk" (Drinking all the Shares makes me sick).

One figure in the back is holding aloft a pot of "Weesper Venezoen" (Weesp Venison, a gourmet food). Another figure waves a broom for sweeping the rest of Holland's money into the Bubble-Bank. Within the bristles is a candle that says "Onze kaarsje brand noch" (Our candle still burns). This is a dangerous place for a lit candle. Tied to the broom is a candle is a banner, on which is written "Viva de Compagnie; die / ons doet vrolyk leven / Schoon Armoede ons op 't end / den doodsteek dreigt te geven." (Long Live the Company/ it gives us a happy life/ Sweet Poverty in the end/ threatens to slip us the knife).

In the other corner...
The spirit of Poverty, nemesis of the Bubble-Lords, is festooned with fish, potatoes and pretzels, all cheap sustenance, and rides in a fish basket that seems to move under its own power pretzels. She wears a stir-frying pan for a crown and is about to hurl a bundle of bokking (dried smoked herring - really cheap food), labelled "Harde bokkens / drie om een oortje" (Hard dried herring / ten a penny).

Next to her is a fisherman swinging a net. Behind him, an old woman waves a fork and a pretzel grill, in opposition to the prostitute with the waffle iron.

The standard of the army of the poor is a fishing net, titled "Grote Fuik der Bubbel Compagnies" (Great snare of Bubble Companies). Another figure holds a long taper that says "Dese kaars zal ze wel doven" (This candle will well snuff them). Another fisherman holds a club, for braining large fish. The club says "Noch nooit zo beleeft" (Yet never so civil). Another man brandishes a string of fish on a stick and someone further back is an upraised hand holding a whip.

Dutch verses:

Een bolle Smulle broer gezeten
Op Bachus eertroon, rijk versierd,
Met allerhande zoort van eeten,
Van vlees, van Spek van Wildgediert,
Is ‘t zinnebeeld der Bubbelheren,
Die van een anders geld en goed
Braaf vreten, zuipen, roszen, smeren,
In volle weelde en overvloed;
Zyn rollende Eert[ro]on word getrokken
Door kleine Kind’ren, wier verstand
Net is als dat der Noordse bokken;
‘t Bedrog gaat aan zyn regterhand,
Bekranst met worsten en zauszyzen,
Zyn kromstok, door by mee wil slaan,
Betoond hoe hy het kwaad dufst pryzen
En ‘t goede om eigen winst verraan (verraden).

De Dwaasheid, kenbaar aan haar bellen,
Verwonderd zig om 't vreemd gelaat;
Des Bubbel-heers, en zyn gezellen,
Terwyl zy vrolyk met hen gaat;
Ook zou zyn opzet niet gelukken, Ten zy de Dwaasheid het verstand,
Van dien hy denkt zyn geld te plukken,
Door haar vergif eerst overmand;
Terwyl een dartel Venus

Day 128 - "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that e

Day 128 - "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that e

That's Dr. Seuss right there!
Today was a pretty good day. I was woken up by my sisters, so I was in a bad mood for a while. The whole weekend I can't sleep in because I have karate on Saturday, then I'm always woken up on Sundays. It sucks! But, we have vacation soon, so yay.
ANYWAY! My mom took me to the mall to get my iPod fixed because my little sister and her friend were screwing around with it (she took it to her house. GO FIGURE) and did something. While waiting, we walked around the mall and she got me four new tops that are cute. Well, two are like, half tops that go over the tank tops. I love the tanks, haha.
And I talked with my mother about things such as my great aunt's death, other people's deaths and life in general. It was nice. It was only me and my mother. This weekend was like a parent-daughter time spender haha. I liked it.
We had steak and mac and cheese for dinner ^_^ YUM. My ankle is hurting though =/ Which sucks. But oh well.

"I built my life like my bike on a rigid frame
Nothing bends it only breaks into pieces and pieces
I waited for hope to arrive but it never came
Leaving me with only pain inside
I’m going off the deep end

I built my life on a rigid frame
So nothing bends it only breaks into pieces and pieces
I waited for hope to arrive but it never came
Leaving me with only pain inside
I’m going off the deep end

Holding on is harder than it seems
When you’re reaching for so much more
Seems so much more easier to just give in
When you’re reaching for so much more

Another wasted Saturday’s so here I stay
But nothing seems to ever change anyway hey
All this hype about life being great
Where’s the love for me these days
I’m going off the deep end..."

("The Deep End" by Crossfade)

up to ten cooking games

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