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Cooking Classes Boulder

cooking classes boulder

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Can-tastic display at Liquor Mart in Boulder, CO

Can-tastic display at Liquor Mart in Boulder, CO

Ahhhh ... the canned-craft-beer selection continues to grow! And Colorado brewers seem to be leading the charge!

In addition to what you see, Avery Brewing will have some beers in cans shortly ... and I JUST heard that Boulder Beer will be releasing some stuff in cans as well (Hazed & Infused, anyone?).

It's awesome to have so many options for backpacking, camping, pools, beaches, hot tubs, or wherever bottles are not allowed. Or, just at home, because cans are just as good as bottles, IMO (and, at home, the beer always ends up in a glass anyway).

Boulder Colorado Panorama

Boulder Colorado Panorama

Panorama shot of Boulder, Colorado processed from seven iPhone photos using Photoshop Elements. Light, color, and sharpened afterward. Photo is 30 inches wide and 10 inches high.

cooking classes boulder

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